Sony Ericsson eyes fix in HTC fight


The X10, Sony Ericsson’s first Android handset, went on sale at the start of April, around the same time the Desire hit stores, and has been outrun in sales terms by the Taiwanese handset.

HTC launched the Desire, alongside its Legend Android phone, with its biggest-ever marketing campaign and provided high street retailers with an average of eight live demo units per store. It also doubled its number of handset trainers to 14.

HTC has seen stock shortages after miscalculating demand for the Desire.

A source close to Sony Ericsson said: “The smartphone market is a massively competitive area now and Sony Ericsson has become increasingly frustrated at the job HTC is doing with the Desire, which is proving extremely popular.”

Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland marketing director David Hilton responded by saying that impending software and Android updates for the X10 will make it a faster phone than the Desire. 

“There will be a software update for the X10 in the next couple of weeks, which is optimising the software so the phone works faster. The X10 will be faster than the Desire in most if not all functions of the phone.

“We intend to go out to the sales channels, training and educating people that X10 will be a master phone to use once this update happens. There will also be an Android update on the X10 in Q3, taking it from version 1.6 to 2.1. We’ll continue to look at how we can evolve beyond that.”