Dealers get Voda OneNet training


Vodafone has moved a step closer to launching its much-delayed OneNet proposition after requesting selected partners attend revised training sessions for the product.

Selected Vodafone Premier Partners and Yes Telecom Strategic Partners were initially trained on the product more than 12 months ago and the service was expected to be launched in to its channels in April.

Mobile News reported in March Vodafone had told its closest dealers the official launch had been pushed back to September.

However, some dealers are now understood to have been invited for new training on the product at the end of June, with other dealers being invited through July. All dealers selling the service must be certified do so and the training is expected to include an exam.

Dealers said Vodafone is now selling OneNet to selected customers direct, and is trialling with at least one distributor. One claimed a number of dealers have been approached by Vodafone in the past month about having OneNet installed to help understand it.

Meanwhile, Vodafone is to install its Vodafone One corporate unified communications service at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for use among staff in its offices and on the road.

Vodafone One allows integration of fixed, mobile and PC-based communications, with the promise of improved work efficiencies and cost savings.

Staff can log in and out of any fixed or mobile phone with a PIN number and access to a single voicemail for all mobile and landline calls.

Phase two of the project will see calls to an employee’s landline automatically route to their mobile if they leave their desks. Employees will then have one number for their fixed and mobile calls.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council said improvements to its customer service centre operations from Vodafone’s new call centre solution will speed up access to key services and support such as Council Tax advice over the phone. Improvements will enable the council to route calls to staff in other buildings if the customer service centre is experiencing high call volumes.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council head of customer services Nick Corrigan said: “The new systems will enable us to give our staff the flexibility to work where it suits them, while achieving the cost-savings and efficiencies we were hoping for.”

Also, Vodafone UK’s 3G and 2G networks have retained their BS 25999 certification in ‘business continuity management’.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Peter Kelly (pictured) said: “Mobile communications are an essential service for all businesses – retaining BS 25999 certification demonstrates we deliver the most reliable and best quality network for our customers.”