GPSforless now Ultimate-Mobiles


GPSforless is re-branding as Ultimate-Mobiles next month to bring all three arms of its business under one roof.

The Wolverhampton-based company are a provider of GPS accessories, netbook accessories and travel gear and currently have three main brands – GPSforless, ultimate-netbooks and ultimate-travelgear. It will now be selling all its portable device accessories under a new webiste to be known as

The new website will be split into five sections – netbook accessories, ereader accessories, PDA acessories, mobile accessories and GPS accessories. It will also feature a specialist on-site forum for users to gain feedback into the Ultimate-Mobiles service and product line.

Ultimate-Mobiles website manager Steven Gourlay said: “Over the years we have expanded the various arms of the parent company, GPSforless to incorporate other product lines, and now we have so many arms of the business that it made sense to consolidate them all for ease of use.

“We want tpo create an online community where everyone feels welcome to discuss our products in detail. The whole team is really behind the launch of the new website and it is certainly a milestone we have all been looking forward to.”