HSC: Leveraging the dealer market


Airtime distributor HSC is offering its independent dealer base the tools to leverage their customers, while setting itself apart from the market

Poole-based HSC is working closely with its dealer network to deliver tools and systems that will allow them to leverage their businesses as markets reshape in the aftermath of the recession.

As a specialist in the smaller, independent B2B dealer market, HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove says this is an important step for the company as it looks to distance itself from the competition.

“It’s very hard to get a price differentiation,” Sweetlove says.

“Most networks give all their distributors the same terms. We have to find different ways to get people to buy from us instead of our competitors.

“Most dealers could probably buy from everyone and can pick and choose. It’s quite an open market and it’s quite a fluid community. Our service has to be first class – either the quality of service we give or the number of services we do.

“An Orange phone is an Orange phone is an Orange phone,” he says. “It’s how we make it easier to buy it from us and for the dealer to sell it on.”

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana agrees: “It doesn’t make us massively different from other markets where the prices are all the same. You’ve got to somehow try and make yourself easier to deal with and show a higher perceived value in the wrap around stuff.”

This approach has taken a number of  forms. During my visit, I was shown HSC’s latest pack of POS marketing materials that it supplies to its dealer base. The animal themed series is distributed on a quarterly basis, and includes various sized posters and leaflets for dealers to display and provide for customers.

Full article in Mobile News issue 465 (June 7, 2010).

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  1. Hi James. I am really concerned to read about the problems you seem to have experienced with HSC. That is certainly not what we are trying to acheive. We want happy dealers enjoying buying airtime, hardware and software from HSC. I can't find your name on our dealer database so please give me a call on my direct line 01202 755472 and give me a chance to resolve your issue. Regards, Bob.

  2. The HSC part of the Carfone Warehouse group is a shocking company which is constantly making errors.
    A Lack of support to dealers and constant errors makes a frustrating experience. On top of this customers are met with rude arrogant staff with attitude who can not accept blame or criticism. All a dealer asks for is an honest relationship. The above statements are over promised lies of them assisting dealers.