Latest Palm sales as expected


Manufacturer Palm has claimed sales of its Pre Plus and Pixie Plus handsets have not suffered by their association in terms of supply and release with Apple’s iPhone 4

Palm said early sales of its Pre Plus and Pixie handsets are in line with expectations, and have not been unduly affected by their release coinciding with launch of Apple’s iPhone 4, nor by their restricted release on O2 in the UK.

The two Palm handsets went on sale exclusively through O2 at the start of June, weeks before the iPhone 4 went on sale, in a move that mirrored the launch of the Palm Pre nine months earlier, widely considered to have failed by association with the iPhone 3G S, which shared an exclusive network partner, launch schedule and device profile.

Critics have claimed Palm devices have suffered by narrow distribution via a single operator in the UK, and also by marketing of Palm handsets as premium smartphone alternatives to the iPhone range.

But Palm vice president for sales in EMEA Paul Ghent said: “The sales of the Pre Plus and Pixie Plus are proceeding to plan. We haven’t been in a position historically to expand in as many areas as we would have liked and recognise those limitations that we’re not going to be able to grow our market share significantly. In line with that we put together a sensible projection on the business and we’re just focussed on keeping it in line with that.

“The large sales of the iPhone 4 must have had a dent on every manufacturer’s sales. We’ve never put ourselves up against the iPhone – that’s something manufactured by the global media. We’re looking at the whole market out there and what our phone can do for people in all segments so believe it goes beyond iPhone users.”