Concern at Vodafone staff grading measures


Staff in Vodafone’s Newbury head office have claimed the firm’s performance review system has been tweaked to be harsher and lead to reduced bonuses

Several Vodafone staff claimed last week Vodafone is marking them down on their performance grades, potentially meaning they miss pay bonuses, despite achieving personal objectives and targets.

A number of staff claim to be in the process of raising formal grievances against the company in a bid to reverse their downgraded scores.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “Vodafone evaluates all employees using a performance dialogue approach, this includes using a five point scale. Bonus is discretionary as in most companies.

“We do operate a pay for performance bonus. The level of bonus is determined on both what you achieve and how it is achieved. This is common practice across most large companies. Vodafone does not comment on rumours from unknown sources.”

Nevertheless, sources within Newbury, who wished to remain anonymous, said they feared for their jobs, despite missing the round of 375 redundancies in March.

One staffer said: “Despite the initial redundancies there is still some underlying dissatisfaction and lack of motivation as the talk is more will be made. The grading has been changed. A lot of staff are very resentful they have been marked down yet achieved their personal objectives and are out of pocket for doing their job at the level always required.”