Orange preps ‘O2 Money’ style services portfolio


Orange looks set to rival O2 with range of financial services after trademarking ‘Orange Cash’

Orange has paved the way for its own range of financial services by trademarking the brand ‘Orange Cash’.

The trademark covers an extensive list of goods and services, including a range of payment cards, electronic funds transfer and transaction services, and user incentive schemes relating to the use of such cards.

An Orange spokesperson said: “We are currently working with our partners to develop new technology which will revolutionise the way people pay on the high street. Consumers can expect some great products and services from us in this area.”

Last year, Orange and Barclaycard signed a long-term agreement to work on a range of mobile, financial and payment services, and recently launched a contactless credit card in tandem.

Everything Everywhere chief executive Tom Alexander (pictured) said at the time: “Today you pay for things by cash or on your credit card. Tomorrow, you’ll use your mobile to buy the things you want, whether that’s on the high street or the internet.”

The trademarking of Orange Cash puts the operator in direct competition with O2, which offers its own financial services under the O2 Money brand.