Industry outrage at Apple’s arrogance


Apple’s response to the signal issues detected with its iPhone 4 has drawn intense criticism from all quarters of the industry. But shoppers have shrugged, and continued to drive its profits up. Michael Garwood reports

One US blogger neatly described Apple’s recent press conference  to discuss issues with the iPhone 4 as a “horrific collision of defensiveness, disingenuousness, sarcasm and contempt”.

For sure, Apple’s July 16 summit has raised the fierce ire of a community of web hacks, gadget reviewers and watchful journalists who have until now been drowned out by the hype and noise from loyalists that has attended every Apple utterance.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs claimed the media, particularly the  amorphous blogging fraternity, have treated the brand unfairly in the wake of the iPhone 4 release, and that their stinging criticism has been aimed at him in the main. Whether this is justified has been an equally-full spin-off debate, and one only Apple perhaps could spark.

The press conference to discuss problems with the iPhone 4, 22 days after its launch, was expected by many to include news of a product recall. Surely, if the problem is accepted as a manufacturer-fault, such a recourse was necessary, and would be the default response of any hardware manufacturer in any market?

Not Apple, which proceeded to implicate the rest of the industry in its private debacle; some of its protagonists by name and some by inference.

Indeed, the former (rival manufacturers) have voiced their anger  with Apple subsequently, and the latter (partner operators, ultimately blamed for actual network performance) have bristled in glass buildings up and down the M4 and in Paddington.

At the same time, it offered a full refund to customers wishing to opt for a rival device from another firm, invariably trashed in its own review of smartphone signal problems. And a case to those who prefer to stay.

Full article in Mobile News issue 469 (August 2, 2010).

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