SMEs approve of coalition


Orange SME customers give approval to coalition Government and expect it to help business flourish

Nearly two-thirds of Orange SME customers have said they prefer having a coalition Government in power than a single ruling party.

Orange surveyed 1,300 of its SME business customers after three months of a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government that was formed from the hung parliament delivered in the general election at the beginning of May, with 62 per cent stating their preference for a coalition government.

Some 31 per cent of those polled also felt a multi party government will have a positive impact on growing businesses, with 53 per cent stating that the coalition structure will make the day-to-day running of a business easier.

Orange said: “With small and medium business currently employing up to 13.7 million people in the UK, it is clear the entrepreneurial community is vital to the country’s economy.

“Of the 1,300 small and medium businesses questioned, 21 per cent cited that they expected the political partnership to result in a reduction in paper work and 10 per cent expected increased profit margins, due to a stronger economy and lower taxes.”