New state-of-the-art NOC for Vodafone


Vodafone UK, already crowing about its robust IP-based network, is to open a new network operations centre to give its full sight of infrastructure and customer activity, and set it for the next explosion of mobile data; and also to set it apart from its rivals

Vodafone UK is to open a super high-tech new network operations centre (NOC) in Newbury next month, which will run alongside sundry other UK network control rooms.

The site will allow Vodafone to monitor every mast, line and device on its network, and flag up issues to respond appropriately.

UK chief executive Guy Laurence said: “The industry is advancing fast. We have to make sure we can monitor the customer experience right down to an individual level. It is no good if 99 per cent of the network is fine, or 99 per cent of data connections are working. Everything must work properly.

“We require an industrial solution that allows us to do that in a very efficient way, and raise exceptions. We are building a facility that allows us to do that, and is fit for purpose for the future.”

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