Dealer Sales Corner: mpro3fx system


New sales opportunities for dealers. Crimson Tide chairman Barrie Whipp discusses the company’s mpro3fx system

Our mpro3fx system is the best sold product with our dealer base. It is enabling our dealers to sell a solution which is easy to promote and understand.

It has now been enhanced by mpro3qx, which is a more powerful version that includes more complex levels of scheduling and reporting.

Most organisations have people that can get their job done away from the office. Service people receive a smartphone which can be “rugged” or “shiny” with bespoke software and a hosted scheduling and reporting system.

Jobs are pushed out to them over the air, they complete a job and the results are synchronised back to a hosted web server. Web users can manage their field based staff, and receive proof of work by photograph, GPS, geotagging, or both.

The system will even alert the customer by email if, for example, a service level agreement is in danger of being infringed. The dealer can differentiate themselves from those that just sell connections.

They earn upfront commission and the customer gets a device included in their subscription, so the dealer doesn’t have to buy one. Their commission on a high end deal
can multiply by four or fivefold. The mpro3fx system has a great return on investment for the end user.

The solution is showing savings and business efficiency benefits in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. The sale price is straightforward too. The solution sells for between £40 and £60 per user per month on a 36 month contract, and there is no capital outlay by the end user.

The dealer earns the first three months commission and the phone is provided as part of the contract, so they still earn the connection commission and doesn’t need to fund a device. A dealer can earn nearly £400 per user for a deal including a connection to the network.

There are a number of people that supply mobile forms software. The difference with mpro3 solutions is that everything is included and and there is no capital outlay or infrastructure required.

This includes all pre sales, documentation (including specification if required), development, training, support and maintenance, hosting, reporting and the device. The dealer has the opportunity to sell extra products with this, such as airtime and accessories.