Pama Bluetooth deal to supply car firm Atom


Accessories distributor Pama has won a contract to deliver Cardo Bluetooth headsets to car manufacturer Ariel for use with its high-speed Atom cars

Pama has signed to distribute Cardo’s G4 Bluetooth headset range to car manufacturer Atom. It is the only authorised UK distributor for the product.

The G4 was designed for use with motorbikes, allowing mobile, radio, satellite navigation and MP3 use via a helmet attachment.

Motorbike users can use it for four-way conversation between two drivers and two passengers or a three-way exchange between three separate drivers.

Ariel Atom users are able to hold a driver-to-driver exchange up to a mile apart.

The Atom is a high-speed sports car that can achieve 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds.

It is designed around an exoskeleton chassis, missing components normally found on road cars such as a roof and windows.

Pama managing director Kevin McHugh said: “We expect the G4 to become as popular with Ariel Atom users as it’s proving with the motorcycle community.”