Orange MVNO Now Mobile looks to Europe


Ethnic market MVNO Now Mobile, running off the Orange network, is to look to Europe as it plans expansion of its operation

Although only launched at the end of July, Now Mobile, which has been brought to market by calling card business Nowtel on Orange’s network, is looking at Europe as its route to expansion once it has established itself in the UK.

Now Mobile managing director Andrew Hallam (pictured) said: “The traditional model for MVNO growth is to look into Europe. It has to be a focus for us. The UK market is saturated so we will explore other countries. We will stabilise everything in the UK first to make sure it works, and then we’ll export the model to other countries.”

Now Mobile’s entry to the ethnic MVNO market has pitted it against Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile.

Hallam said Now Mobile is targeting higher value prepay customers and not making price a core element.

Hallam said: “None of our prices are cheaper than Lycamobile or Lebara. We’ve developed a customer-facing product and a strong brand rather than competing on price. We offered data from launch, as well as three calling packages and bundles for extra benefits.

“We are now working with Orange on other value-added services that will make our product stand out.

“We’re priding ourselves on aiming at the higher echelons of the ethnic market which we feel is a big market that is not being served by our rivals.”

Hallam said it has a large UK market to target compared to sister brand Nowtel’s calling card audience.

He said: “The UK has a population of 60 million, with more than 60 million mobile phones. The ethnic market for calling cards is only five-10 per cent of that, so we can target a much bigger audience.”