Jack Black as Gulliver in new Orange advert


New Orange cinema ad features Jack Black in trailer for adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, with knowing and ironic hackneyed branding from the operator

US actor Jack Black stars as Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver in Orange’s latest ‘Gold Spot’ cinema advert, which launches today (August 27).

The spoof trailer is for a adaptation of novel Gulliver’s Travels, and shows the scene where Gulliver wakes up after a shipwreck in Lilliput, pinned down by an army of tiny Lilliputian captors. The scene features over-done Orange branding in the style of previous of its Gold Spot ads.

Black’s character calls for “time out” when he sees an Orange phone shop has been set up on the beach.

“Just because I didn’t read the script doesn’t mean you can slip me into a commercial,” he says.

“We need to nail this scene – that means no cell phone selling. And you know what Mr Orange corporate man, I’m not your puppet.”

The Liliputians proceed to work Orange’s in-movie message, and subdue Black by tying him down.