Top Sony Ericsson accreditation for UTL


Manufacturer awards Unipart Technology Logistics with the highest level of repair accreditation, enabling it to dispense with third-parties for certain complex repairs and reduce cost and turnaround times for customers

Unipart Technology Logistics (UTL) has won new Sony Ericsson accreditation, enabling it to handle full repairs for all Sony Ericsson handsets.

The new ‘Level 4’ accreditation is the highest attainable standard for repair centres with the manufacturer. UTL said it was passed for the advanced test centre accreditation in just. 24 hours

It is one of four repair companies in the UK to attain this level.

UTL sales and marketing director Michael Richardson (pictured) said: “When someone drops or breaks their mobile phone, they want it back as soon as possible. With this additional accreditation, UTL can handle all of Sony Ericsson’s phone repairs centrally. It takes UTL just 30 minutes to complete a typical phone repair.”

Previously a small number of phones had to be repaired by a specialist third party, increasing time taken for repairs and incurring additional shipping costs.

The new accreditation enables UTL to handle all activity in house, including chip and circuit board repairs, and thereby to reduce cost, turnaround times and carbon emissions.

Sony-Ericsson customer service manager, Gary Acors remarked: “By training staff to manage even the most complex repairs UTL has demonstrated a desire to do better for the end-customer and everyone wins:  Sony-Ericsson receives a more cost effective service and customers are parted from their phones for the shortest time possible.”