Dealer Sales Corner: Cel-Fi coverage product


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, Nextivity EMEA vice president for sales Markus Walter discusses the company’s Cel-Fi product

Cel-Fi solves indoor coverage problems. It’s aimed at both consumers and businesses and is
extremely easy to use. It’s a plug and play product with no external cables, antennas, plugs and settings required. It’s something that everyone can use easily without user manuals. That’s the beauty from a customer perspective.

From a network operator perspective – it is currently approved for use in the UK on the T-Mobile network only – it is an unmanaged device so they don’t have to plan or take care of it, manage it or send engineers on site to do planning and installations. They can also deploy it in whatever quantities they want. That’s up to them.

It consists of two wireless linked devices (a window unit and coverage unit) and smart antenna technology, with the boxes seeking out the best available signal for coverage on mobile phones.

This is a product that resellers have found very impressive when demonstrated to them. We’ve spoken to some of our resellers and they immediately jumped to have a part of this. They can obviously make some margin with the product – they can buy it from us at a lower level price and resell it, making a significant profit.

However resellers can benefit most by selling contract SIM cards with the product and renew or upgrade contracts. Resellers can offer the customer a nice bundle with one of the iPhone models, a Cel-Fi router and maybe two dongles, for example.

This isn’t an expensive device and resellers can sell this for around £400.

In some cases this is a decision which needs to be made by the reseller in cooperation with the operator. Coverage issues get on people’s nerves and a high majority of customers will be more than willing to pay to solve that problem completely.