John Barton to work with TMTI


John Barton to work with Gadget Helpline to promote the service to networks as means to cut customer support costs

Bluechipworld non-executive director and former LG sales and marketing director John Barton has agreed to work with the Gadget Helpline as Crispin Thomas aims to push the service at networks in order to reduce the burden of customer service calls.

Barton will provide Thomas with a wealth of contacts and industry knowledge in order to pitch the Gadget Helpline service at networks. Gadget Helpline is part of Thomas’ TMTI Group and offers technical support for a range of electrical devices.

Thomas said the cost of customer service calls can run into many millions of pounds for networks, and calls can cover a range of topics from set-up to integration of smartphones with other devices and technologies.

Thomas claims the Gadget Helpline has “the largest database of gadget knowledge in one place anywhere in the world” thanks to its relationship with manufacturers and retailers, so can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for networks to support their consumers.

Thomas’ TMTI Group is already targeting the Gadget Helpline service at insurance companies as a means to provide households with one contact number for gadget issues, and is hoping to get networks to integrate the service into their tariff structures to streamline customer support.

Said Thomas: “John is taking me into manufacturers and networks at a senior level. He knows how a network works.

“If a network comes out and says it will charge for customer support, that’d be difficult in the face of its peers. For a small amount on top of tariffs, customers would get support for not only their mobile phone but other gadgets as well. One network is even talking about binding the Gadget Helpline into their own insurance policies.”