Orange launches new healthcare service


Orange launches second healthcare service in continuation of drive to improve patient communication using mobile technology

Orange has launched its second healthcare service, Orange Health Gateway, following on from its smartnumbers service.

Orange Health Gateway is a web-based messaging service that Orange said can be used to improve communications between healthcare organisations, their staff and patients using mobile communications. Orange Health Gateway is delivered by mobile healthcare platform developer iPLATO.

The service is available in a number of modules that can deliver appointment reminders, routine tests results, medication updates, staff messages and emergency messages in the event of an incident.

Orange said the Appointment Reminders module enables organisations to send personalised appointment reminders to patients and manage cancellations and confirmations. It claims this could reduce wasted appointment slots by up to 38 per cent, equating to annual savings of £300 million.

Orange head of corporate propositions Michael Lawrence said: “Orange Health Gateway offers the healthcare sector the opportunity to improve patient services and deliver real savings by capitalising on the everyday use of mobile.

“It enables healthcare providers to make better use of time and resources, at a time when efficiency gains are front of mind. Healthcare organisations can transform their entire communications system, proving that technology and partnerships can enable real change.”