Dealer Sales Corner: Crystal Ball offer


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh discusses the company’s Mobile Track, Mobile Monitor and Lone Worker offer

We’re seeing a huge explosion in tracking, which will be accelerated by mobile tracking. Penetration is relatively small, and so the opportunity is wide open. One of the drivers for growth is current duty of care legislation, and the health and safety offences act and the corporate manslaughter act, which put focus on lone worker protection.

Crystal Ball products don’t require any holding of stock, or any investment, which minimises risk. Dealers do not need to set up any new lines of supply.  No credit check is necessary as Crystal Ball underwrites all new business, which means all sales convert to profit.  Crystal Ball products can be sold to any customer on any network and can be added to any mobile contract at any time.

Dealers are striving for extra margin and competitive edge over the competition. Mobile tracking, Mobile Monitor and Lone Worker Protection from Crystal Ball are all easy wins, and will give partners a new portfolio for the first time that fits perfectly with their current business model.

The networks are pressing dealers to increase data bolt-on penetration within their accounts to drive up ARPU. Crystal Ball’s range requires a data bolt-on, which therefore ticks the boxes for everyone concerned and increases customer entanglement and reduces churn.

With substantial upfront commission, plus generous ongoing rev share of up to 30 per cent, this presents dealers with a notable additional revenue opportunity. Crystal Balls’ products have synergy with the industry, and maximises revenue streams and profit opportunities. Crystal Ball also offers a marketing support fund, which accrues every time a product is sold.

This can be used when dealers match fund-approved marketing projects. And as far as training for dealers goes, this is minimal as all the products are very easy to use.
Any dealer that isn’t going to offer this leaves a huge gap for others to leap into.