O2 moves to settle iPad tariff concerns


iPad tariff changes are inline with overall data pricing strategy, says O2, and only affect prepay customers

O2 has moved to quell concerns about changes to its iPad prepay tariffs and reassure customers that they will not lose out.

O2 originally announced that customers could get three prepay tariffs with the iPad: 500MB for £2 a day, 1GB for £10 every 30 days or 3GB for £15 every 30 days.

O2 has updated its tariff information to state that these are promotional rates only available until the end of September, and that from October the allowances will drop to 200MB for £2 a day and 2GB for £15 every 30 days. The £10 tariff will remain unchanged.

Some iPad users have complained that the original announcement of O2’s iPad tariffs did not state that these were promotional offers, but O2 said that this was published before its decision to change its data allowances across all devices from June 24.

A spokesperson said: “When we announced new data pricing in June we aligned all tariffs to make them clear and transparent for all our customers. Since then, previous allowances have been shown as a promotion on our website.”

The spokesperson denied claims in some reports that the changes will affect contract customers as the three tariffs are rolling 30-day prepay propositions that can be cancelled at 24 hours notice. Existing customers have been made aware of the changes over the last two months in preparation.

The spokesperson said: “The vast majority of iPad customers are using under 2GB per month and will not be affected by this change. Those who are can purchase more data if they wish. iPad tariffs are available on a prepay basis and no customer is tied into a contract.”