Vodafone extends global reach in Asia


Vodafone opens new Global Enterprise regional office in Singapore to serve Asia-Pacific customers

Vodafone Global Enterprise has opened a new office in the Asia-Pacific region to extend the delivery of managed communications services to its large base of multinational customers headquartered in the area.

The Singapore office will act as the main port of call for the 140 multinational Vodafone Global Enterprise customers based in Asia, as well as an additional 435 international customers who have operations in Singapore and neighbouring countries.

Vodafone Global Enterprise already has offices in India, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Vodafone Global Enterprise chief executive Nick Jeffrey said: “The Asian market is home to many of the world’s leading multinational corporations and is playing a key role in the growth plans of many more.

“This initiative is consistent with our philosophy of co-locating to where our customers are based in order to provide them with exceptional service. The launch of this new regional hub also means that we can provide greater consultancy on businesses’ communications needs on a local basis.”