Vodafone hits out at ‘brazen’ O2 claims


Vodafone last week called O2’s claim of its SME market share and performance “guesswork”

Following an interview with O2 SME director David Plumb (pictured) in Mobile News issue 471 (click here), where Plumb claimed O2 was outrunning the market and close to 40 per cent share of the SME space, Vodafone hit back.

Enterprise marketing director Peter Boucher said: “O2 is making a brazen claim about its position in the SME market based on little more than its own guesswork. It is not the story that we are hearing from our own customers. The data that we have shows Vodafone has been winning in the SOHO and SME market as business people realise the benefits of coming to the best network in the country.”

O2 responded: “We’ve continued to invest in SME, both directly and through partners. We’ve continued to win in the market and just had our best-ever quarter. We’re looking forward to continued strong performance for the rest of 2010.”

Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly remarked, upon the back of its reinvigoration of its dealer and distributor structure: “We’ve been investing heavily to win business, and month-on-month and quarter-on-quarter we have been winning in the market. A big part of that growth has come from the dealer channel.

“In parallel, we have recognised this is a big and complex organisation that has needed to improve the way it works with partners. This tiered model is the result, and it represents a step-change in growth.”