HTC puts record marketing behind Desire HD


HTC will launch its biggest ever marketing campaign in mid-October when it releases its Desire HD and Z handsets to market

The spend for the campaign, which will run from mid-October until the end of the year, will be 40 per cent higher than its previous highest, for the Desire and Legend handsets in April. HTC declined to say how much was being spent.

The Desire HD and Z will be free on £35 deals. The Desire HD will be available through all major retailers and networks except O2 while the Z will be available through Vodafone and all major retailers.

Both will come will come with the newly launched portal, which enables users to manage phone functions from their handset or PC.

The portal, for instance, allows users to trigger the ringing function from their PC, and set it to a high volume, in case they misplace their handset. It also allows them to get its location on a map.

Users can lock or wipe the handset remotely also, and forward calls and texts to another phone, or send messages to the device to arrange for its return.

The enhanced HTC Sense user interface also enables users to record HD videos or capture and edit images with a range of camera effects. The ‘Locations’ programme provides users with on-demand mapping.

HTC Sense also utilises a new e-book store and a mobile-optimised e-reader that includes the ability to highlight, annotate and quickly search for definitions or translate unfamiliar terms.

HTC UK and Ireland executive director Jon French said: “ really is key to our strategy and you’ll see that come through in our marketing campaign in October.

“We’re confident that it will be a massive success with consumers. This is a far bigger campaign than the one that ran alongside the Desire as we’re always looking to make our products available to more people.”