Dealer Sales Corner: Mobile broadband


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, Gamma Telecom senior product manager Rob Davis discusses the company’s mobile broadband proposition

Mobile broadband has been around for a while and it’s still an exploding market. What’s been missing is a credible proposition for dealers and resellers.

Prices have dropped and the networks have tried to seize the markets for themselves so there hasn’t been much in it for the reseller. We’ve extended our mobile phone service Gamma Mobile proposition to include mobile broadband.

It’s grown in popularity and transformed our base, shifting it from being majority voice
only to the majority now being data. That has been driven by the differences the reseller gets from us – they get the full customer ownership and control.

What has made this a success is the flexibility in terms of their ability to build their own propositions.

The operators have sewn up the market that chooses to get a dongle with a 3GB allowance for £15 a month, selling it to an individual user.

A gap that has been left is the non-standard offerings for larger deployments to big enterprises or larger groups of users. They won’t want a single allowance per user and want a shared bundle.

The bespoke pricing on this has given the opportunities to a lot of our resellers to win some very large deals.

This adds value to the reseller’s business because they own the customer and enables them to tap into a part of the market that they haven’t had access to before.

The mobile operators have shied away from giving the reseller channel what they really want, which is full customer ownership and flexibility.

They want the channel to sell their proposition but on their terms whereas we’ve given the keys to the reseller and let them sell how they want. We’re not going to mandate an end user price and how much profit they make. They’re in control of that and they can drive it how they see fit.

This really is a completely bespoke proposition and is based on the customer’s requirements, so there is no fixed pricing structure. We have a range of customers coming to us from the 10 customer opportunities up to the 10,000 customer opportunities.

We’re willing to put together packages and work with the resellers on this and we’ve helped them win these big opportunities.

Like with pricing, themargins resellers gain is completely up to them. On large deals they can earn anything up to 50 per cent quite comfortably. It comes down to how they want to price it as there is no fixed limit there.

We can see this bundled with our standard Gamma Mobile voice services as well as our fixed line offerings. The best thing for the reseller is to sell to an existing customer.

That customer has an existing service with the reseller and it’s a case of bundling it with that service.

They can tie customers into a new fixed line contract as part of the terms of the purchase of mobile broadband.