Nokia: OS design hasn’t yet peaked


Apple, Google and Nokia itself have not yet mastered operating system design, according to Nokia’s head of design
Nokia senior vice president of design Marko Ahtisaari said current OS systems, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Nokia’s own Symbian platform, are flawed.

Ahtisaari said: “The smart­phone market is so hot at the moment that we are under the illusion the dominant design for a smartphone OS is already in existence. This is not the case. We are still looking for a design for what a mobile computing device could be.”

Ahtisaari said Nokia’s MeeGo operating system, developed with Intel, will go further.

“We must look harder for an interface on a large device without physical controls. Touchscreens are immersive and require full attention. We need to combine an immersive display with single-handed use. This could be done through voice interaction.”

Microsoft’s Paco Contreras said at the Nokia World 2010 conference earlier this month: “If you look at capturing ideas and data, it has moved from using a pen and paper, recording audio, using a mobile computer and now recording it straight onto your mobile phone.

“If this is the case for writing, it must be true for everything else. Do we have the best systems yet? No, there are many things to come yet.”