BlackBerry unveils healthcare ‘super app’


BlackBerry and CSC launch Patient in your Pocket system for healthcare industry

Research In Motion (RIM) and public sector technology solutions provider CSC have unveiled a new platform for mobile healthcare professionals.

Patient in your Pocket allows BlackBerry smartphones to be used by mobile healthcare professionals to access and update patient records in real time.

Users can access appointment schedules, use navigation tools to find a patient’s address, upload images and update records, fill in forms and dictate audio notes using a digital pen.

Patient in your Pocket also features lone worker safety functionality through an activity monitoring system allowing users such as health visitors and midwives to register tasks with a call centre which raises an alarm if a response is not given by a predetermined time.

Secure access is facilitated through a smartcard reader paired with the healthcare professionals existing NHS smartcard.

The application was announced at the Healthcare Technology 2010 conference in London where RIM, and O2 Health, are exhibiting.

RIM UK healthcare director Daniel Morrison-Gardiner described Patient in your Pocket as an “innovative super app”.

He said: “Patient in your Pocket can play an important part in transforming the way healthcare professionals work and provide patient care.”