Vodafone to axe 400 jobs in Banbury office


Vodafone is expected to close its customer support centre in Banbury which will see 400 redundancies

Vodafone said today it would be making a number of changes to the services it offers its customers and has proposed its support centre in Banbury be closed during next year affecting 400 roles.

All work conducted in Banbury will be merged in to other Vodafone contact centres, it said.

Vodafone is however expected to recruit 200 new roles within its “customer facing teams” based in Newark, Stoke and Didsbury.

Affected staff have now been informed and a consultation period is expected to begin shortly.

Vodafone said it had informed staff early to give them the opportunity to decide if they wish to relocate and continue with Vodafone where possible, or seek employment elsewhere.

Vodafone UK HR Director Matthew Brearley said: “Today’s changes are about creating a lean and fast moving organisation and at the same time bringing in additional customer facing roles. We also want to ensure that people at risk of redundancy are supported to find alternative roles.”