Microsoft Windows Phone 7 unveiled


Manufacturers HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell to offer phones running Windows Phone 7; available from October 21 in the UK.

HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell will offer phones running Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

HTC is launching the Mozart, Trophy and HD7 (pictured), as well as the Surround and Pro. Samsung is launching the Omnia 7, LG the Optimus 7 and Dell the Venue Pro.

Devices will be ranged by more than 60 operators in 30 countries, including SingTel, Telstra, Telus, Telefonica, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

In the UK, all five operator brands will offer Windows Phone 7 devices from October 21.

A conference simultaneously held in London and New York saw Windows Phone 7 launched to bloggers and the press.

The OS was described as being designed with consumers in mind and offering intuitive updates and synchronisation between email, social networks, calenders and more.

Guest speakers in the UK included Everything Everywhere boss Tom Alexander and all-round smartphone fan Stephen Fry.

Alexander said Windows Phone 7 devices are a key part of the group’s Q4 plans, while Fry welcomed Microsoft’s re-entry to the smartphone OS sphere and called “smartphone biodiversity” a good thing.

All phones will include the 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. Microsoft products such as Xbox LIVE, Office Mobile, Windows Live and Bing are all built into the phones, with the customisable ‘Start’ screen with Live Tiles showing users their own content. Xbox LIVE will see users gain access to games such as Need for Speed, Undercover, Tetris and The Sims 3.

‘Zune’ is also offered on Windows Phone 7 where people can play their music collection, synced wirelessly from their PC, or stream or download new tunes from Windows Marketplace. An optional Zune Pass subscription is available.

There is also a dedicated search button on all devices, which delivers Bing for mobile, providing web results, local information, maps and directions.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said: “Microsoft and its partners are delivering a different kind of mobile phone and experience – one that makes everyday tasks faster by getting more done in fewer steps and providing timely information in a ‘glance and go’ format.”