Dealer Sales Corner: Sygic’s Mobile Maps 10


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, Proporta managing director Mike Coombes discusses Sygic’s Mobile Maps 10 product, available from Brightpoint

Proporta, the long-established manufacturer and distributor of mobile accessories, is strengthening its position within the burgeoning category of mobile phone GPS software with the addition of Sygic to its SatNav portfolio.

Bratislava-based Sygic is well-known within GPS circles as a long-established developer of phone navigation software, but the release of its Mobile Maps 10 product marks the start of a concerted effort to branch out from the company’s traditional OEM roots.

Proporta noted the weakness of many historic phone GPS offerings by the restricted number of devices for which they were compatible leading to inevitable reseller criticism of being forced to carry too many SKUs, as well as end-user complaints of confusion and mis-selling. Sygic’s Mobile Maps 10 is compatible with all Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices in one box.

This should accelerate the uptake of dedicated GPS software, which should be a great margin opportunity for our resellers. Sygic has ensured that its software is optimised for the latest touchscreen devices, with impressive tactile responses.

Proporta will be promoting Sygic through its own channels, traditionally IT and electronics chains and resellers, and also through Brightpoint, which will target the mobile dealer channel.

Sygic’s main competitive advantages are based on six years of navigation experience
working with industry professionals. It boasts an intuitive user interface, fast rendering and route calculation, low demand on processors and memory, automatic screen resolution adaption, smart recognition and self-setting to keyboard or touchscreen operation and above all the multiplatform engine to allow the application to start quickly and run smoothly on any device.

Sygic Mobile Maps 10 is available in two versions – UK & Ireland maps (RRP £39.95) and Total Europe (RRP £69.95). Each SKU contains both a micro SD card and DVD, allowing the GPS software to be permanently resident on the phone device, freeing up memory and facilitating immediate turnby- turn instructions, both text and audio in every European language.

There has been much debate and criticism recently with phone users being stung by exorbitant charges for downloading GPS software via a permanent internet connection. Not only does this serve the customer poorly by intermittent poor reception and consequent tardy routing instructions, the costs when using the software abroad are horrendous.

The key benefit for resellers will be the potential for rationalising the GPS product range. Whilst Mobile Maps 10 will not support iPhone or BlackBerry devices, it is compatible with nearly all other devices available in the UK, obviating the need for platform-specific SKUs.

Our resellers, and Brightpoint’s resellers, will appreciate the reduction in inventory holding, and the increase in margin opportunity that Sygic will embrace