Vodafone unites with MVNA Cognatel


Vodafone and Cognatel quick to announce iCard Mobile MVNO for UK ethnic market, following confirmation of their new MVNA partnership to help niche mobile brands to market

Vodafone UK has struck a wholesale agreement with Cognatel, sister-company of fixed-line provider Digitalk, to establish a new mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) to enable set-up of niche MVNOs.

MVNA Cognatel is to target new mobile brands to serve the UK ethnic market and other niche consumer markets.

The firm has already agreed soft launch of a new MVNO with international calling card brand iCard, iCard Mobile, and is in close discussions with two more parties for MVNO launches.

Cognatel chief executive Mark Ashdown said Cognatel is distinguished among MVNAs for its superior, flexible and real-time billing platform and CRM solutions. Ashdown said it can launch MVNOs off its platform in six weeks, which compares with around six months for full-blown MVNOs. Investment required to launch an MVNO is also reduced dramatically, he said.

Vodafone UK director of business development and wholesale Tim Stone (pictured) said: “Our partnership with Cognatel strengthens Vodafone’s MVNO portfolio and maintains our focus in an area which offers excellent opportunities for everyone involved.”

Ashdown said: “Cognatel can help brands reach new and niche markets by helping them create and manage their own mobile presence. We will work with new partners at every stage of their development from verifying their initial proposition through to supporting the final market implementation. And we can move quickly so that they can launch their branded mobile offer within weeks, rather than months.”

Vodafone already works with MVNA Teleena. Everything Everywhere works with MVNA Transatel, meanwhile, and Three works with X-Mobility.