Dealer Sales Corner: ‘Touch’ NFC proposition


New sales opportunities for dealers. In this installment, MoCo sales director Adam Miller on the O2 distributor’s new NFC proposition, Touch

The use of contactless technology has revolutionised many business processes such as access control, ticket recognition, staff accountability, asset management and stock replenishment, lone worker protection and cashless payments. The best known application of Near Field Communication (NFC) is the Oyster Card, Transport for London’s electronic ticketing system. This use of NFC has made these processes increasingly automated and less intrusive and human-dependent, leading to increases in efficiency and reliability, and lower costs.

MoCo’s NFC offering, Touch, works through strategically placing RFID tags at required fixed or mobile locations, or on objects that need to be tracked.

Organisations can obtain and log real-time information about the whereabouts and activity of people and assets, simply by getting employees to touch their NFC phone against or near a tag. Information about the location or asset can then be exchanged between the user of the device and the server.

Benefits of Touch include staff accountability. An NFC phone touched against an RFID tag will confirm the location of a particular employee at a particular time. Another benefit is asset management, where information can be sent back to the server that reveals the presence of assets (and therefore missing ones), or items that require maintenance or replacement.

A patented menu design enables the user to create whatever functionality they need, in minutes, enabling different users to touch the same tag and get different options on their phone. The Java-based phone application is sent and installed once to the phone.

Any subsequent new functionality is downloaded the next time the application is opened with no end user interaction needed.

The instructions at the location or asset tag that are delivered to the phone user can also be revised at any point and in real-time.

The server interface is completely customisable and flexible. It can be branded for the organisation or any third parties needing access to the data or to run reports on it.

This is not only a great way for dealers to increase incremental convergent sales as the solutions need airtime and hardware – but also increases their profitability thanks to high monthly revenues.

The standard product SRPs at around £18 per licence per month and it costs £7 to implement giving the dealer 60 per cent revenue share on this product, which includes all design and set-up and any customer amends. MoCo will also provide all first line support, full training and where necessary, will help with assisted sales calls.