Samsung/Nokia in smartphone battle


Samsung sets two-year time frame to overtake Nokia at top of smartphone market; Nokia now ‘challenger brand’

Samsung said last week it aims to be UK leader for smartphones and tablet devices within 12-to-24 months.

Samsung said it has experienced huge sales of smartphones in a short period, and has set its sights on the summit.

UK and Ireland managing director Simon Stanford said: “We aim to be number one in the UK market across the board. We are working hard to overtake Nokia at the top. And we will always strive to be number one in the smartphone market during this period. That’s our goal and will do everything we can to achieve that.”

Speaking at a Data Select dealer conference, Samsung said it had gone from zero share of the smartphone market to number three in three months, following launch of its Galaxy S and Wave handsets. It said the Galaxy Tab, launching next month, will take significant share of the new tablet market too.

At the same event, Nokia said its new range, starting with the N8 and C7, will regain it UK smartphone share lost to Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, and ultimately leadership of the sector.

Nokia admitted its mistakes, and described itself as a “challenger brand” now in the smartphone space. Head of distribution sales Guy Williams said: “We are a challenger brand and a challenger company in a market place where we are not used to being in that position.

“It has been like that for 12-14 months. But we have the right strategy, relationships and, now, the right products to get us back in that leadership position for smartphones and high-end devices.
Samsung trails Apple and BlackBerry for UK smartphone share, with around 14 per cent, and leads Nokia. Overall, it trails Nokia by one percentage point, with just less than 20 per cent.

Nokia said it will spend £10 million on UK marketing in the coming months to “regenerate interest” in its devices.

Nokia said it had conducted research on its brand perception which showed it scored lowly on public perception for innovation, excitement and inspiring handsets.  But claims its new campaign, portfolio and the relaunch of the Ovi store and its new Symbian 3 operating system will change perception of it.

Samsung will be supporting the UK launch of its Samsung Tab with a £3 million above the line campaign.

It said following the announcement of its Android-enabled Samsung Tab at IFA last month it received more than 450m million hits to its website. Samsung said it had received extensive interest from consumers, but also the business sector, including the NHS.

Stanford said: “We have seen huge growth with the Galaxy S and Wave, and, from November 1, we expect the Galaxy Tab to cement our postion in the tablet market. It is a huge achievement considering only a matter of a few months ago, we weren’t even in the [smartphone] space.”


  1. how would a repair centre know how many was sold by all storesd? sounds like the 1 in 4 comment is a stab in the dark….I work in a store and see more Desire Hds returned….they sell less so are less noticable….N8 sells like 45k per week….Desire HD does like 9….do the math