HSC launches new O2 payment model


New model sees dealers receiving full 24 or 36-month revenue share as well as up-front payments on all contractual bolt-ons

HSC has changed its O2 revenue share model to one it believes is “fairer for dealers and shows its commitment to the channel”.

Dealers are now being offered full 24 or 36-month upfront revenue share, based on customer tariffs on all new connections and re-signs. In addition, dealers now receive upfront payments on all contractual bolt-ons, and HSC pays 40 per cent of customers’ overspend from the first month of the contract.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana said: “Constructing the offer this way allows the dealer to easily work out what each individual customer’s value is. HSC wins because it is a cleaner and simpler model to manage, and our channel partners are going to be happy with the fairness of this new deal.

“Now we have a strong base, it’s the right time to re-adjust to a model that rewards new connections and re-signs in the same way. We’ve already seen a massive spike in re-signs because customers are coming to the end of 24-month contracts.”