Orange refreshes mobile broadband


Operator refreshes its mobile broadband offering and introduces three new SIM-only plans, as well as launching a mobile Wi-Fi device

Orange has refreshed its mobile broadband offering, as well as announcing three new SIM-only tariffs for mobile customers, which for the first time include 12 month contracts.

Existing Orange contract, prepay and home broadband customers receive a £5 monthly discount on all new mobile broadband price plans.

Orange has introduced 12 month price plans on new Dolphin and Racoon packages. Both one and 12 month Dolphin plans now come with a 1GB monthly allowance, and select packages offer an additional 1GB “quiet time” data allowance from midnight until 4pm as well as the option of unlimited data through BT OpenZone public Wi-Fi.

Occasional mobile broadband users can choose Orange’s Racoon offers which provide a data allowance of 500MB on one and 12 month plans, or a pay as you consume option with no line rental for existing Orange customers, who pay 5p for each megabyte of data.

Orange has launched the Novatel Wireless 3352 (pictured), its first mobile Wi-Fi device that allows customers to connect up to five simultaneous Wi-Fi devices including laptops, music players, games consoles and tablets over the Orange 3G network. Mobile Wi-Fi is available on all Orange mobile broadband plans, starting from a one-off fee of £49 depending on the package taken.

Customers can get the Samsung N150 netbook with Orange mobile broadband for £25 a month plus £80 upfront fee, giving 1GB anytime and 1GB ‘quiet time’ plus 100 texts. For £30 a month plus a £50 upfront fee, customers get 1GB anytime and 1GB quiet time plus 100 texts and unlimited Wi-Fi.

Orange is also expanding its SIM-only offering by introducing three new Canary animal tariffs for mobile customers. A 30 day SIM-only plan costing £10 a month will give customers 100 minutes and unlimited texts, a 12 month plan costing £10 a month provides 300 minutes and unlimited texts and customers get 600 minutes and unlimited texts when paying £15 a month over 12 months.