Avenir offers £50 bonus on ports to O2


Airtime distributor Avenir Telecom is offering dealers an “exclusive” £50 bonus on numbers ported to O2 until the end of November

Avenir dealers connecting between five and 40 handset connections to O2 will receive a £50 bonus for every number ported from another network and at least one connection includes voice and data. The offer runs from November 1 until the end of the month.

All number ports must be submitted to Avenir by November 30 to qualify for the bonus payment.

Avenir said the bonus will provide an additional incentive to help dealers increase their sales over target percentage which could see them win one of the 24 prizes on offer as part of its O2 Winter Wonderland competition.

Avenir managing director Andy Tow said: “We are very keen to support our dealers in the last month of our Winter Wonderland incentive.

“Introducing this unique extra £50 bonus will encourage them to increase their chances while earning extra commission along the way.”