O2 Health unveils new Centre of Excellence


O2’s health division unveils first three health organisations as part of a new Centre of Excellence programme

O2 Health has announced that NHS Western Isles, Berkshire East Community Health Services and NHS Rotherham are the first health organisations as part of a Centre of Excellence programme focused on developing new and innovative healthcare systems.

Each health organisation will provide clinical resources and health expertise to shape new solutions being developed for a range of care settings, and pilot these to create regional centres promoting clinician-led service transformation.

When O2 Health launched in July, it said a key aim for the business was to affect positive change across the NHS which puts patients at the centre of their care. It said this would be achieved by forming genuine relationships with healthcare providers to gain a deep understanding of their challenges, before deploying bespoke solutions that create benefits for patients and health workers alike.

It added that over the coming years O2 Health will invest significantly in UK health innovation, not just in mobile, and plans to channel resources through its Centre of Excellence partners in the form of managed pilots, technical expertise and forums to encourage shared learning.

O2 Health head Keith Nurcombe said: “NHS Western Isles, Berkshire East Community Health Services and NHS Rotherham have all shown a real appetite to embrace innoivation to drive better patient experiences.

“The Centre of Excellence programme is an industry first – it gives us a great opportunity to learn directly from clinical teams. We plan to expand the programme over the next few years to other like-minded health organisations.”