20:20 in BlackBerry SatNav promo


20:20 Mobile is offering its customers three months of free satellite navigation with every GPS enabled BlackBerry handset sale worth £15

Handset distributor 20:20 Mobile has teamed up with mobile satellite navigation software provider Trafficmaster to help increase sales of handsets and encourage customers to use data centric applications.

Channel customers purchasing any Blackberry handset from 20:20 Mobile will receive a pre-loaded memory card with the satellite navigation software which will begin a three month countdown upon completion of the installation.

The device connects to the internet to download direction and uses ‘intelligence routing’ to asses road and traffic condition to find the fastest route. The service includes turn by turn voice prompts also.

At the end of three months customers can continue receiving the service for a non contractual agreement £4.99 per month. Customers wishing to commit for longer can pay a one off fee of £24.99 for 12 months or £34.99 for the lifetime of using the device.