Mobile recycling comparison site launched

1298 aiming to help the UK shake off its reputation as the worst recycler in Europe

A new mobile phone recycling price comparison site,, is being launched to encourage people to find the best deal for their unwanted mobile phones. It added it will help the UK shake off its reputation as the worst recycler in Europe, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research. has been set up by web development company Edward Robertson. The company said that with the launch of new handsets such as the BlackBerry Bold 9780, the number of people upgrading their phones is likely to increase over Christmas.

The site compares prices from 23 mobile phone recycling companies including Cash4Phones, Fonebank, and Envirofone. Visitors can search for their phone from a list, select the best deal, freepost their phone and then receive a cash payment. The recycled phones are then stripped for useful metals and plastics and donated to charities.

Prices are updated daily on the site and it also features a historic tracking device, allowing consumers to monitor how much they would have received if they had traded in their phone in the past few weeks.

Sellmyoldmobilephone co-founder and Edward Robertson director Graham Miller (pictured left with the company’s other founder Simon Crisp)  said: “We really want to change the UK’s poor recycling reputation and with Christmas coming up, people are sure to find a mobile phone under the tree. Instead of letting old mobile phones overcrowd landfill sites, damaging the environment, we are encouraging people to get the best deals on their phone whilst helping the environment.”