Strongest hint yet of Sony Ericsson ‘PlayStation’ phone


Sony Ericsson chief executive Bert Nordberg adds fuel to the fire surrounding rumour of forthcoming Sony Ericsson PlayStation smartphone

Sony Ericsson intensified rumour of a Sony Ericsson ‘Playstation’ smartphone yesterday when its chief executive Bert Nordberg (pictured) suggested there was ‘no smoke without fire’ in responding to continued speculation about the device.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal yesterday, Nordberg said he was aware of rumours of a Sony Ericsson smartphone with a slide out controller to play video games, leveraging the heritage in the gaming sector of Sony, a partner in the Sony Ericsson handset joint venture.

Nordberg said Sony Ericsson wanted to make a “noise” at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s leading showcase event, in Barcelona in February.

Rumour of the handset increased after ‘leaked’ pictures of the device appeared on a technology website late last month.

“There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere,” Nordberg told The Wall Street Journal.

“Sony has an extremely strong offering in the gaming market, and that very interesting. I’m very glad that we work with a company like Sony, who actually knows how to do it [make such a phone].”

Sony Ericsson UK rerfused to comment, but a spokesperson said: “There are exciting times for Sony Ericsson coming up”.

It is suggested the phone would run Google’s Android 3.0 software, and provide access to Sony Ericsson’s application marketplace, and a dedicated PlayStation Store gaming zone.