Nokia appoints new marketing chief


Nokia reorganises brand and marketing functions under new role, taken by experienced marketeer and former Barrack Obama fundraiser Jerri DeVard

Nokia has appointed DeVard Marketing Group principal Jerri DeVard (pictured) as executive vice president and chief marketing officer, a new role that comes into effect on January 1 2011.

DeVard is a member of US president Barrack Obama’s fundraising team also.

She will join Nokia’s group executive board, reporting to executive vice president and head of Nokia’s markets unit Niklas Savander.

A new marketing and communications organisation under DeVard will bring together all Nokia’s marketing, brand management, communications and industry collaboration activities.

Nokia chef executive Stephen Elop said: “Her experience and proven track record from a wide range of consumer businesses will be a great boost to increasing consumer focus and will bring fresh thinking as we strive for a clearer value proposition for our consumers and continue to build the Nokia brand.”

DeVard has previously worked for a number of leading consumer brands including Verizon, Citigroup, Revlon, Harrah’s Entertainment and the Pillsbury Company.


  1. Nokia have lost their way. Too many similar handsets that are of poor build and quality. Nokia seem quite happy to stick with their 1xxx, 2xxx,3xxx,5xxx,6xxx,7xxx,8xxx and 9xxx series which each had its own target market and in more recent times we have the N and the E series and now the C series. Fine with all these categories but why not design and build 1 or 2 handsets in each category that are as near perfect as can be in the way of build, content and reliability ?. An example of what I mean is this….Look at the 6700 classic, yes it has its problems but it looks good, feels good and is a decent business persons phone. As such you would expect the 6700 slide to be similar. Is it ? No way it looks and feels cheap and in no way should be in the same boat as the classic. I Feel sorry for the axed Care Points who have suffered a large blow pretty much out of the blue. All I can see is tough times ahead

  2. Nokia need to wake up and smell the coffee!! The likes of Apple with a single product and blackberry are putting Nokia in their place. Do Nokia really think that by opening Nokia branded centres in high street locations will allow them to compete with better products. It the product that sells the brand if you have a good product consumers will buy. Nokia are not Apple their produts do not have the same allure, Apple stores in town centres works, Nokia branded service centre in high streets I some how dont think so.

    They need make ground breaking products and not copy others. Do they think Ovi can really compete with Itunes? Nokia need to go back 5-8 years and improve on the winning formula they once had. It seems these days they follow the lead of others.

    It was their inovation that got Nokia to where it is now NOT copying others.

    All I can say it thank you Nokia for allowing us to get off the sinking ship. Those service centres that still exsist, good luck spending time selling ovi only to be paid peansuts, ordering parts and equipment for models that you will never see, answering to Nokia for non warrenty repairs, enjoy!