Nokia VP recruited by Brightpoint


Former Nokia business devices unit vice president Larry Paulson tasked with expanding Brightpoint’s product portfolio and expanding customer relationships

Brightpoint has appointed former Nokia vice president Larry Paulson (pictured) as executive vice president and chef marketing officer.

Paulson, who took a global role within Nokia’s Business Devices unit, will help with strategic development, portfolio expansion, and supplier and customer relations.

Brightpoint chairman and chief Robert Laikin said: “His expertise in product and service portfolio expansion and new channel development is invaluable and will allow us to deepen our relationship with key customers and vendors.”

Brightpoint has also promoted Alex Paskoff to the role of executive vice president of sales and marketing for North America. Paskoff will be responsible for US commercial activities across all lines of business.

Paskoff has been with Brightpoint since July 2000 and held roles of executive vice president of business development and senior vice president of international operations.