Vodafone Germany intros LTE service and pricing


Operator Vodafone is first German carrier to introduce LTE in the country, offering 7Mbps, 21Mbps and 50Mbps download speeds

Vodafone Germany has today launched commercial ‘4G’ LTE services in the 800MHz spectrum band in parts of Germany.

It is the first network operator in country to roll out LTE enabled dongles.

Vodafone Germany expects to cover the entire nation in the “mid term”, it said. Its new LTE infrastructure is by Ericsson and Huawei.

Currently 100 LTE base stations have been set up in the country to transmit LTE to paying subscribers.

LTE mobile broadband dongles are available for €1 fee, plus €2.50 per month after that.

Data tariffs start at €39.99 (£33) per month for the 7.2Mbps service and rise to €69.99 (£59) per month for 50Mbps service. The 21Mbps connection costs €49.99 (£42) per month.

Vodafone said the move will bring high-speed internet to areas where broadband was previously unavailable.

Areas were the technology will be available include Rammenau, a small village near Drayston in the south of the country, and Heiligendamn, a village on the north east coast.

Vodafone said it will make available LTE routers (femtocells) for home data usage in the New Year.

The Vodafone Germany LTE service is for mobile broadband service via USB dongles only. No LTE handsets are available from manufacturers yet. The first are expected in 2012.

Meanwhile, German press agency has reported Deutsche Telekom managing director Niek Jan Van Damme said the company will offer a ‘Call and Surf’ LTE package via its ‘Funk’ services in April next year.

The tariff will cost €39.95 per month including a fixed telephony line and LTE connection.