Vodafone M2M network outtage


Vodafone UK M2M services were affected last week after a fault to recent network upgrade caused services to be disrupted by around a week

Mobile News understands machine-to-machine (M2M) services for products which use a Vodafone SIM card to access the internet through a public APN were unable to connect for around a week at the end of November as a result of a fault caused by a recent upgrade.

Companies with a private APN went unaffected Vodafone said.

The fault was  first discovered on November 18 and was still causing problems on November 25. Vodafone said the fault was repaired before the end of November, and affected a small proportion of its M2M customers.

The fault, it said, was accessing the public APN through a Vodafone gateway only, and its own voice and data network was unaffected.

Vodafone vehicle tracking partner Trakm8 was one of the affected companies and sent out regular emails to its customers providing them with service updates apologising for the “continued reduced level of service” for units on the Vodafone and BT network. It included an official Vodafone technology report highlighting the issues and timelines.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “A small number of our M2M customers, using public APNs to access the internet, experienced technical issues with their own third party applications. The issue has now been resolved.”