HMV sells Samsung Galaxy Tab for £420


Music and electronics retailer stocks device for cheapest price yet after distributors had expressed frustration at an inability to match retail prices

Samsung’s ‘scattered’ pricing has continued after it was revealed high street music and electronics retailer HMV has started stocking the seven inch Galaxy Tab for £419.99.

It is the cheapest known stockist of the device ahead of Tesco and PC World where prices sit at £469, and Carphone Warehouse which stocks the tablet from £489.

Earlier this month distributors expressed their frustration at their inability to turn any kind of profit on the devices due to them only being able to offer the device to dealers for around £480, excluding VAT.

A Samsung spokesperson said: “Due to interest in the device from distributors and retailers in the UK, Samsung is working hard to fulfil orders. All distributors determine their individual pricing of Samsung products.”

When the device first came out it was expected to retail for around £800.