Three offers unlimited web on One Plan


Operator offers customers paying at least £25 a month on The One Plan truly unlimited use of mobile browsing in its push to market its network increases

Three today started offering mobile customers on its ‘The One Plan’ unlimited internet usage in an attempt to further market its large mobile internet network.

The offer will allow customers who pay at least £25 per month for the plan be able to use the “all-you-can-eat” data offer in contrast to offers available from other networks, the operator said.

Currently Vodafone offers “regular web users” a ‘webpack’ which enables them to use 500MB per month, enough it said to “read and reply to 10,000 emails, download 25 Google maps and read 8,300 BBC News stories.”

O2 meanwhile offers subscribers 500MB per month for £25 a month and 700MB for £40 a month. If customers go over their allowance, ‘bolt-ons’ are available costing £5 for an extra 500MB and £10 for an additional 1GB.

When Three introduced The One Plan in July it offered users 1GB of data usage, but the company said research showed customers wanted more internet.

Three sales and marketing director Marc Allera said: “We expect to see more people using mobiles than PCs to access the internet by 2015. All-you-can-eat data is designed to remove the possibility of bill shock when you use data, so you can use your smartphone to do everything it was designed for without the worry of cost.”