Truphone rebrands as ‘Tru’ and launches in Australia


MVNO changes name in attempt to solidify it market position and launches in Australia, saying it aims to add 18 more countries to its portfolio by 2012

MVNO Truphone has renamed itself ‘Tru’, launched a standard bundled business tariff for Europe and announced its launch in Australia.

The series of events Tru said is part of its efforts to “cut through the noise” and provide cheap and effective solutions to internationally travelling business people.

Tru’s European business bundle means travellers will now be able to call countries throughout Europe for the same price as a local call in that country.

Australia meanwhile becomes the third country that Tru customers can have a number in on the same SIM card as numbers for the US and UK.

The company’s partnership with network provider Optus allows customers can call and be called on their Australian number for the same price as a call in the UK or in Australia.

Tru chief executive Geraldine Wilson said: “Nearly three quarters of businesses are telling us that they feel roaming charges are unaffordable, with over half saying they have lost business through not staying in touch enough as a result.

“We only charge local rates for incoming and outgoing calls, and data when roaming – without any complex call back system or change to user behaviour.

“Starting today, customers can make calls in and between Australia, the UK and the US, with average savings of up to 75 per cent.”

Wilson said the company expects to offer its services in 20 countries by 2012, effectively meaning customers could have up to 20 different numbers on one SIM and avoid roaming charge completely.