HSC: ‘Vodafone, Apple, and HTC are missing pieces’


HSC has called on the networks and manufacturers to better support the airtime distribution channel, which it suggests is delivering the best-value connections in the B2B market

HSC claims its B2B dealers’ ARPU is, typically, £10 per month higher than the ARPU of dealers connecting with network operators directly. Business manager Bob Sweetlove says certain operators and manufacturers need to provide it with the “sweets and tools” to continue to grow the value of its partners’ bases.

HSC currently connects all operators except Vodafone. However, it struggles with in-demand Apple and HTC stock.

Sweetlove claimed with new technologies expected to break heavily in the market in 2011, including fixed line and cloud services, the dealer channel is primed as best conduit for UK businesses.

Sweetlove said: “Smaller independent local dealers, connecting airtime via distributors, are perfectly positioned to have those conversations with the smaller business community. They are the only truly impartial independents out there. The top independent dealers tend to be tied to operators these days, albeit under the veneer of impartiality. But our dealers are not tied to any one product or network. They offer fairer and more impartial solutions to customers. Every statistic I get from operators says our customer ARPU is £10 per month per customer higher than the stuff I see from direct dealers.

“But we are held back. It’s hard for us to sell iPhones because Apple is so restrictive and we have problems with HTC stock, and we of course can’t sell Vodafone. The guys on the front line, our dealers, should get all the sweets and all the tools because they’re best positioned to serve the market from a customer point of view.

“I want to grow, and I want Vodafone and the likes of Apple and HTC to open up. They are the three missing pieces of my puzzle.”