Brightstar NFC deal with Sagem Wireless


Brightstar secures UK distribution deal with Sagem Wireless to bring its Puma phone and NFC-enabled Cosy Phone to market

Brightstar Europe has struck a distribution deal with Sagem Wireless to bring bespoke products for specific customer segments to market.

With it, Brightstar has taken a UK deal for Sagem Wireless’ PUMA phone. It will supply Shop Direct with the handset.

Also, Brightstar UK has taken shipment of Sagem Wireless’ NFC-enabled ‘Cosy Phone’. The device combines either 2G or 3G connectivity with NFC technology, and will be targeted at specific user markets that can take advantage of NFC for data capture, time and location reporting, inventory management, and access.

Meanwhile, Brightstar France has struck a deal with TCT Alcatel to distribute Alcatel mobile phones and accessories to retailers and dealers in the French market.