HSC’s VIP scheme to RIP


HSC is killing off its VIP partner programme in 2011 after opting to offer all dealers the same service

HSC launched the VIP club 12 months ago after replacing its previous partner club Unity. But it said last week the programme is no longer part of its strategy as it looks to offer elite service to all its 700-plus customers.

HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove told Mobile News that partner clubs represented “unnecessary” categorisation of dealer partners. He said the YourHSC online portal allows all customers the same access and information on a single account. Sweetlove said HSC will not follow other distributors by sub-dividing its partners according to the business they deliver.

Sweetlove said: “VIP is now only semi-conscious. It’s not really a focus anymore. I would rather have a broad base of customers who I can treat the same. If you make it as easy for a customer to buy one handset as it is to buy 100, then you can do it. I want to offer a great service to everyone.

“There are a few things our VIP guys get now that others don’t but nothing significant. Everyone has an account manager but what tends to happen is those who buy more naturally get more attention so are seen more often as a result.

“We are letting this occur naturally rather than over-praise some and not others. VIP is quietly going to RIP. We don’t want confusing sub-branding messages.”