Geek Squad at HSC


HSC is hoping to add to its customer training prog­ramme by putting together a B2B version of Carphone’s ‘Geek Squad’ team of handset experts

According to HSC senior technical consultant Antony Board, the subscription-based service will see experts assist customers with any issues face-to-face.

“For customers that want support straight away, we want to give them something that will add value and add a margin and also add service to [client’s] customers,” Board said.

“They [the team] are a useful brand to have go out on location and help customers. If we can get them really tuned into the business that brings great value to HSC.”

Board said he had travelled 4,635 miles and visited 33 dealer stores in 2010 providing support for operating systems including BlackBerry, Android and Nokia Symbian.

“Nobody else is giving dealers tailored training like us. Nobody is giving dealers the time and the mileage like HSC is. We’re keen to see the challenges and business goals dealers have ahead of them and see how we can get in and support and train them.”